The method starts with understanding the theoretical concepts and philosophies related to managing effective innovation in practice.
A wide range of specific definitions is used to develop the essential, in-depth knowlegde about the key variables that will determine the effectiveness of innovation in practice.
Learning levels
The textbook, workbook and the website together challenge you to take theory into practice and learn to further develop your innovation insights into principles along the way.
Several practical frameworks will help you find your way throughout the innovation landscape.
Conceptual models will help you analyze past, present and future strategies and will speed up the innovation process.
The workbook applies theory with a learning by doing approach and supports the effectiveness of the learning process with learning guidelines.
You will be challenged to put the theory of each chapter into practice with 140 assignments.
All 140 assignments have rich elaborations to help you get started and reflect your own ideas.
The workbook also provides more examples of innovation related theory, definitions, models, tools and other useful resources.
Next to checklists for assessing the effectiveness of your innovation process, checklists are offered to verify if you achieved your learning objectives.